Hamstring injuries are notoriously difficult to manage. Research on injury predictors and management remains limited.  Most protocols suggest the progression through a number of key stages for the athlete to safely and confidently return to sport. In the context of this article, we suggest the need for a multifaceted approach, taking into account, early management of the initial tear, gradual progression through strength and flexibility programming, and an eventual return to symptom free running and sport in due course. Critically, we recommend consulting a Physiotherapist or suitably qualified Allied Health professional, to guide you through an individually tailored and staged rehabilitation program, taking into account ones individual circumstances as it pertains to the grading of the tear and the stage of recovery.

Compex, becomes a critical adjunct to your recovery and rehabilitation throughout this process. This guide is aimed at providing some program suggestions to be incorporated into your recovery and rehab program. It is not intended to be an exhaustive script or substitute to the programming and support you will receive from an Allied Health professional. It should also be noted, that not all Compex models have the below mentioned programs as part of their standard program list.

Rehab program suggestions include.

  • Early stage:
    • Pain management – Pain management TENS program
    • Associated muscle spasm – Reduce muscle tension program (not directly over tear)
    • To minimize muscle atrophy – Muscle Atrophy program to regain muscle volume progressed to the Reinforcement program
  • Intermediate stage:
    • Increase muscle strength – Resistance and Strength programs incorporated with your exercise program. Compex will increase the number of muscle fibres activated during the contraction. Exercises at this stage could be a hamstring curl with no weight or and double leg bridge.
    • These need to be pain free
  • Late Stage:
    • Functional Strength and Sports Specific – Explosive Strength and Hypertrophy Programs combined with a Romanian deadlift, conventional deadlift and weighted hamstring curl.
    • Sensible and staged weight progressions are critical
    • Post session recovery – training recovery and reduce muscle soreness programs.

Let the Compex team know how we can further help you with your recovery, rehab and performance goals