The Compex Motor Point Pen supports in locating the optimal electrode position for your Electric Muscle Stimulation session.

The positioning of the electrodes is one of the determining factors in ensuring a comfortable and more efficient Electric Muscle Stimulation session - specially for programs inducing muscular contractions (eg: resistance, strength, explosive strength, hypertrophy, rehabilitation, etc). Programs inducing muscular twitches (eg: recovery, warm-up, and muscular pain management programs) do not requried the location of the motor point of your muscle. 

It is therefore essential to devote special care to this aspect.

The correct placement of electrodes and the use of significant energy (intensity) allow for a greater recruitment of muscle fibres. The higher the intensity level reached, the greater the spatial recruitment of your muscle fibres, that is to say the number of muscle fibres working, and therefore the greater the number of muscle fibres that make progress. 


What is the Motor Point of Your Muscle?

The motor point is a point where the motor nerve enters the muscle, which is an extremely localised area where the motor nerve is at its most excitable state. Although the location of the various motor points is now well knwon, there may nevertheless be variations of up to several centimetres between different individuals. 

The Compex Motor Point Pen allows determining with greater accuracy the exact location of the motor point for each individual, and thus ensuring the greatest effectiveness of your Compex Electric Muscle Stimulation session. 



How to Locate the Motor Point Pen?

Example: locating the Motor Point of your Vasus Medialis 

1. Apply a large electrode at the top of the thigh (the muscle belly) - see image below. Apply at the top only. 

Compex Australia Electrode Placement


2. Connect the negative pod of the module (module without the on/off button) to the snap connection of the large electrode placed according to step 1. 

3. Spread a thin but even layer of conductive gel over the inner surface of the thigh (Vastus Medialis) in the position indicated for the positive electrode position (the motor point area), spreading the gel a few extra centimetres in all directions.

4. Connect the positive module of the module (module with the on/off button) to the snap connection of the Compex Motor Point Pen and bring the tip of the pen in contact with the conductive gel.

5. Switch on the Compex remote control, turn off all Muscle-Intelligence Technologies, and select the "Muscle Pain" program (program category: Pain Management), then switch on the module and start the programme.

6. Very gradually increase the energy level (intensity level), until a value between 5 and 25 is reached, while continuously moving the pen tip over the gel layer, but without ever losing contact with the gel, to avoid triggering an electrode fault message.

7. As soon as you observe a muscle response in form of twitching, you have located the Vastus Medialis motor point. Visually locate this motor point and apply a small electrode that should be centred over the motor point.

8. Clean the gel from your skin, remove the pen from the positive module and connect the module to the small electrode, which should be correctly centred over the motor point of the vastus medialis.

9. You can now turn back on all Muscle-Intelligence Technologies and choose the desired program.

You can find the Compex Motor Point Pen here.


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