Compex electrode pads play a very important role on any Compex session. They are in contact with your skin and are the responsible for the conductivity of the electricity, thus making the session more (or less) comfortable and efficient.Compex electrode pads are coated with a strong medical-grade adhesive, developed to last between 20-30 sessions depending on your skin type and on its conditions at the time of use. The pads are moisture sensitive so proper care is a must for a longer and more effective life. See below some tips on how to optimize your Compex session.     

Compex Australia Electrodes

1-) Wash and clean the skin of any oil, moisture, or sweat and dry it before applying the electrodes. Using baby wipes without alcohol is a quick and easy alternative. 

2-)  The Compex plastic film aka "electrode pad holder" provided with your electrodes has an "on" side and a "no" side. You've never realised this, right? Well, there is a reason behind it... As you can imagine, it is recommended to have your electrodes at the "on" side as oppose to the "no" side. Why? Because the "no" side is the one in contact with surfaces the most, thus increasing the chances of getting dirty and dusty, which will then affect the electrodes.The solution is to place the plastic pad holders inside the plastic bag provided as soon as you stick the electrodes on your skin, maintaining them clean at all times.  

3-) Always use the Compex plastic film provided as the pad holder and don't store the electrodes anywhere else nor leave it unnatended without the Compex plastic film. 

4-) Store the electrodes in a cool and dry place, avoiding exposure to heat and humidity. Best recommedation?? Keep them inside the plastic bag (fully sealed) and inside the fridge. You won't go wrong! 

5-)  The Compex Gel can help with conductivity when the electrodes are older howevever it won't help with its stickness. It is time to invest on new ones if they're not sticking properly. The electrodes are KEY for a more effective and comfortable Compex session. 

It is also important to be aware that some patients with very sensitive skin may experience redness under the electrodes after a session. Generally, this redness is completely harmless and usually disappears after 10 to 20 minutes. Never start another stimulation session in the same area if the redness is still visible. Never peel the electrodes by the wire, it can damage the snap connection.


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