Isometric exercises, the process of activating and tensing up muscle fibres without actually moving them, can be greatly enhanced through the application of Compex Electric Muscle Stimulators.

One exercise that combines the application of Compex with isometrics is the wall squat hold, which is used for strengthening the quadriceps. The quadriceps are the largest and one of the most important muscle groups on the legs, and using Compex will help you recruit more muscle fibres while working them.

The isometric wall squat hold is a simple and straightforward exercise that can even be completed at home. To execute the exercise, back up against a wall, squat into a 90-degree knee bend, and hold. Electrodes should be placed according to the Electrode Placement Guide provided with your Compex. Optimal electrode placement for the Quadriceps muscle is shown below.

Compex Quadriceps Electrode Placement 

The 5x5cm electrode is placed on the Motor Point of the muscle (Vastus Medialis and Vastus Lateralis, in this case) and the 5x10cm electrode with 2x snap connections is placed away from the muscle belly, on its insertion. We recommend using the Compex Motor Point Pen for an accurate placement of your electrodes. For better results, a resistance band can be placed around the knees to create an abduction force that provides an added workout for the gluts.



Simon Bell, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Head of Rehab at Inspire Health Services in Brisbane, believes the isometric wall squat hold is a great way of optimising your quadriceps workout. As Simon indicates, the application of Compex Electric Muscle Stimulators to the quadriceps creates an isometric force that helps enhance the muscle building and strengthening process of this vital muscle group.

This exercise is a simple and beneficial way of taking a break from building your quadriceps by lifting weights, running up hills, or jumping on boxes. Compex allows you to specifically target slow twitch or fast twitch muscle fibres without loading or stressing your joints and tendons. This allows for a workout that is completely aligned with your personal goals and/or sport (eg: increase explosive strength if you’re a Crossfitter or increase the endurance capabilities of your muscles if you’re a Triathlete).

With the Compex boost provided, you will increase overall strength and enjoy the many benefits Electric Muscle Stimulation offers you. 


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