Compex Buying Guide

What to consider when investing in A Compex device?

Whether you want to increase your strength, recover faster, or rehabilitate from an injury, take note of all the technologies and features Compex has to offer you.

First, we need to choose from one of the two ranges of Compex devices:

the Sport Range or the Fitness Range.

fitness range
sport range

The key difference between both ranges is the “Conditioning” category of programs only being available on the Sport Range. These programs are the ones that allow you to specifically target slow twitch or fast twitch muscle fibres. The “Fitness” category of programs is more focused towards toning and sculpting your muscles. If you want to improve the capabilities of your muscles, such as strength, explosive strength, endurance and resistance then the “Conditioning” category of programs is a must for you.

Once you have selected the right Range, there are 3 major features to consider.

1. Wired vs. Wireless

There is a key differentiator between both ranges other than the cables: the Muscle-Intelligence Technology is available on all 4 channels on the Wireless units and it is available on 1 channel on the Wired units. Learn more about the Mi-Technology here. The Wireless units are smaller and more convenient to use considering they’re cable free.

2. Muscle-Intelligence

Technologies available

There a total of 5 different Muscle-Intelligence Technologies. They are:


  • Mi-Scan
  • Mi-Range
  • Mi-Autorange
  • Mi-Action
  • Mi-Tens

Check what Mi-technologies are available on each model, and remember: the Wireless units have them available on all 4 channels and the Wired units on 1 channel only. 

Learn more about the Mi-Technology here.

3. Programs available

The Compex range starts with a minimum of 10 programs and goes up to 40 programs in total. They are divided into 5 different categories: 

1 Conditioning

Aimed to improve the capabilities of your muscles (eg: strength, explosive strength, endurance) by allowing you to specifically target slow twitch or fast twitch muscle fibres.
*only available on the Sport Range

2 fitness

Aimed to tone, sculpt, and build your muscles.

3 recovery/massage

Aimed to increase blood flow, reduce muscle tension, and promote a relaxing endorphinic effect to accelerate restoration of the muscular qualities.

4 pain management

Aimed to relieve and/or prevent aching pains, increase endorphin production and drainage of acid metabolites and free radicals. 

5 rehabilitation

Aimed to regain muscle volume, strength, and speed of contraction. Also assisting to reinforce the brain-muscle connection.