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Correcting Front Squat with Compex

The squat is the king of lower body exercises. Squats strengthen the major muscles in the thighs, buttocks, core, back, and hips. Building these muscles support the surrounding joints and tissues.

Pain Management

Fighting tight muscles with Compex

Tight muscles is a common thing, and it affects our ability to move freely and without pain, exercise, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Lower back pain and tightness has increased dramatically in the past few years. 

Fitness / Aesthetics

Phil Heath Routine with Compex

An avid user of Compex, Professional Bodybuilder and 7x Mr Olympia Champion, Phil Heath considers Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) one of his most important training partners. .

Fitness / Aesthetics

Phil Heath 7x Mr. Olympian training with Compex

Phil Heath, 7x Mr. Olympia Champion and #CompexAthlete, has been using Compex for a long time now and he is a huge advocator of the benefits Electric Muscle Stimulation has been offering him.

Compex Recovery: a lesson in lactic acid
Recovery & Massage

A lesson in Lactic Acid: Active Recovery with Compex

Virtually every human being has experienced the bodily responses associated with strenuous activity or physical exertion.

Recovery & Massage

Recovery Methods from Athletic Practices

The greater the stress a training program produces, the greater the necessity for deliberate actions taken to maximize the body’s repair.

Strength & Conditioning

Compex Push Up Application

It’s so simple, yet so complex: the push-up.

Strength & Conditioning

Compex Quads Application with Ex. Physiologist SImon Bell

Isometric exercises, the process of activating and tensing up muscle fibres without actually moving them, can be greatly enhanced through the application of Compex Electric