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Thanks to this unique and revolutionary technology, a new world of precision and effectiveness has opened up in your Compex sessions

Personalize the compex session to your own physiology

The MI-Technology automatically personalizes the stimulation parameters depending on the physiology of each user, at the time of each particular session. It is a systematic personalization that makes for a more comfortable and hence more efficient session.

Thanks to the mi-sensor, Compex offers a whole new level of Electric Muscle Stimulation sessions. Muscle imbalances, fatigue, dehydration and nerve damage are some examples of why having a personalized stimulation is key for optimal results.

How Compex Optimizes You

For programs inducing muscle twitches (eg: warm up, recovery, and muscle pain programs), the optimal level of intensity required to achieve therapeutic results may be different from one muscle to another. For example: your right quad may require different optimal level of intensity than your left quad. Your right quad may require different optimal level of intensity before and after training, today and tomorrow, before and after an injury.

Personalize your treatment to your particular muscle group to make sure you're giving them what they need in order to achieve optimal results and peak performance. “... because your muscles are your first sporting gear!”

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MI, Personalized Stimulation Adapted For Every Physiology

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Just before starting your Compex session, the MI-Scan function analyses the characteristics of excitability in the muscle subjected to stimulation and automatically adjusts its parameters to this area of the body, depending on your own physiology. This function results in, a short test sequence (around 10 seconds), allowing the use of minimum power to obtain the same muscle response, making the treatment more comfortable and totally personalized.


The MI-range function indicates the ideal range for adjusting stimulation intensity for programs inducing muscle twitches (eg: warm up, recovery/massage, muscle pain programs). For the effectiveness of these programs, obtaining vigorous muscular twitches is required.  The Mi-Range will indicate the exact range based on your own physiology.

At the beginning of the program, the device prompts the user to increase stimulation intensity. During this increase, the device analyses the response of each stimulated muscle, and deduces their optimal level. 


The MI-autorange function pursues the same objective as the MI-Range except that in this case everything is done automatically. At the beginning of the programme, a single press of the up key of the multifunction pad allows the device to automatically increase the stimulation intensities until it detects the ideal level of intensity. Very easy and convenient, right?


During TENS Gate Control programs, the MI-Tens function limits unwanted muscle contractions in order to provide maximum efficiency and comfort. The goal when doign TENS programs is to manage pain, not produce muscular contractions. .Compex Mi-Tens has you covered!

With each intensity increase, a test phase takes place automatically and if a muscular contraction is detected, the device automatically reduces the intensity of the stimulation. This function assures you that the desired results are achieved: pain managed.


The MI-action function allows you the contraction generated by Compex to be initiated by means of a voluntary action (contraction). Thus the electrical induced contraction is perfectly controlled, the workout becomes more comfortable, and the session more effective.

Programs used in the Mi-Action mode have undeniable advantages:

  • They require active participation of the users and encourage them to engage fully on the session. It enhances the brain-muscle connection.
  • They give the user the free choice of trigerring a contraction, making the practice of electrostimulation more comfortable.
  • They ensure even more effective work as they combine voluntary exercises and electrostimulation that together allow for greater recruitment of muscle fibres.
  • They promote the restoration of the body map and motor relearning in patients with impaired muscular control.
  • They allow the stimulation of stabilising muscles to be interated during an overall functional movement.

How it works:
The mi-ACTION mode is active during muscle work sequences (it is not operational during sequences of warm-up and relaxation).
The first muscle contraction of the work sequence starts automatically. At the end of the first contraction an active rest phase begins, characterised by muscular twitches. The voluntary triggering of a new contraction is only possible after a minimum rest period, which varies depending on the programme.
As soon as the voluntary triggering of a contraction is possible, the device emits a beep to inform the user. Once the user hears the first sound signal composed of a beep, the triggering of voluntary contraction is possible.

If no voluntary contraction has occurred after a certain period of time, the unit will automatically pause. To work properly, the mi-ACTION needs a good muscular twitches during the active rest phase.

see below what mi-technologies are available on each Compex device

The Wireless units are the only ones with the Mi-Technology built on all 4 channels (modules/cables) while the Wired Units come with 1x Mi-Sensor cable. It means that only the one particular muscle group that has the mi-sensor connected to it will benefit from the Mi-Technologies.