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Compex products and accessories

Battery life varies depending on the programmes used and the intensities selected. The average battery life is between 15 and 20 hours.

2 years (plus 1 additional year by filling in the warranty registration form on the website www.compex.info).

Depending on your skin type, between 15 and 30 times. Some 30 applications are possible on skin that is clean, non-greasy and shaved.

Yes. When purchased, each stimulator comes with x1 set of standard electrodes.

Each Compex stimulator is supplied with a user manual and a specific applications manual which includes how to place the electrodes.


Compex electrotherapy is designed for sportsmen and women:

  • To support their training and improve their performance, to speed up healing after certain injuries, to prepare for their season, to recover more quickly after intense effort, to provide pain relief.
  • For physiotherapists: For rehabilitation, pain relief, treatment of specific neurological pathologies, orthopaedics, rheumatology, traumatology, urology, vascular conditions.
  • For those who want to look after their body: To keep in shape, for massages, to relieve heavy legs, low back or cervical pains, to support a physical rehabilitation programme, also to strengthen the abdominals or other parts of the body.

Compex electrotherapy uses very high quality and high comfort level currents.

Electrostimulation can be used in an intense way in complete safety:

  • Without causing nervous fatigue
  • By protecting your joints
  • Electrostimulation has no side effects; it is a non-invasive treatment method, often an effective alternative to drugs, for pain treatment.

Electrotherapy is a tried and tested medical treatment method, used for rehabilitation, pain treatment and for training sportsmen and women.

The working principle behind electrostimulation is very simple. It faithfully reproduces the process by which muscle contractions are controlled by the brain. So, with electrostimulation, the activity in your muscles is triggered by electrical impulses sent by our devices to the motor nerve. Your muscle cannot distinguish between a contraction triggered by your brain and one triggered by electrostimulation. This is known as electrically induced contraction.

Using Compex products

No. Muscular stimulation and electrotherapy in general has existed for decades and no problems have ever been found.

The positive connection (red) must be placed on the electrode which is on the muscle motor point. The negative connection (clear/black) is placed on the electrode which is on the muscle path.

Where to place the electrodes is indicated in the Compex manuals for the different muscle groups.


Extend the guarantee on your Compex device free of charge! All you need to do is to register your Compex device on our website www.compex.info (before the end of the initial guarantee period).

Please check your card number and the expiry date.
When you enter your card number (16 digits without spaces with the expiry date and the security code which are the last 3 digits on the signature strip of your card), the bank sends a query to the card authorisation center, which will permit or refuse your account to be debited.

For further information, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

The Compex order confirmation message is sent automatically to the e-mail address you supplied when setting up your personal account. If you have not received an e-mail from Compex to confirm your order, it could be either that you have entered the wrong e-mail address or your credit card details have not been accepted.

In this case, we recommend that you contact us directly by e-mail or telephone. Our contact details are shown in the Contact Us section.

In order to change your postal or e-mail address, you can return to "My Compex" at any time and update your personal information.
If you move to another country, you will have to create a new personal account for that country.

Yes. When it is time to pay, you will be redirected to Compex payment provider’s website, which has special security features for processing your transaction. Compex will not see your bank details at any time as these are transmitted directly from you to the bank. During communication with the bank, all information is encrypted and protected.

The Compex Customer Service Department will be pleased to take your telephone calls from Monday to Friday. You will find the numbers and times below and in the Contact Us section.

All transactions carried out on the Compex Store site are handled via a secure bank website. The totally electronic, encrypted procedure guarantees full security for payments. Since information is entered directly on the payment provider’s website by means of a secured channel, no-one within the Company will see your card data.

When you choose Compex, the leading brand in electrotherapy, you can be sure to benefit from: • The effectiveness of our devices. Our products are developed with the greatest of care and use all the latest technological innovations. Of course, you can also be assured that our products are produced according to all currently applicable safety standards. • With honesty and integrity. It is also a leader's responsibility to guarantee that its promises are kept. Before we put forward the benefits of using our device, the applications are tested at length, put through their paces by health professionals and are the subject of scientific studies. • Personalised support and guidance. To help you get the most from our devices, Compex electrotherapy pays particular attention to drafting extremely detailed user manuals. Compex will give full attention to your telephone calls or e-mails to answer your questions. Compex has also set up high-quality internet sites to help you get started with your device.