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Kilian Jornet

Widely regarded as the best trail runner in the world

What has been your credo in life that helps you overcome each challenge?
Letting instinct guide your feet, it will lead you towards the things that you love the most. The mountain teaches you that we are nothing, and once you know that, you are capable of anything.
Can you share some of your training tips to perform better?
Prepare everything, don’t leave anything to chance! Not training, not food, not the recovery, nor the studying of the course... and during the race forget everything and allow yourself to be guided. There will always be hitches and you need to be strong to overcome them.
What advantages or benefits has the COMPEX brought to your performance?
At the beginning I used Compex primarily to recover after races and hard training, and then I discovered it had other uses and actually after some injuries, I started to use it for my rehabilitation, to rebuild muscle and joints. From there I started to use it also for strength training. So from using it only for recovery I now I use it for rehab and strength.
What is your ultimate goal in your career?
Man’s aim is to be happy. And to do this you need to follow your passions, to be at a place where you feel good, where even when you are alone, you feel as if you are in company. The mountain is that place for me, and skiing and the trail the means to be there. The competition is a game which serves as something to be overcome, to get to know yourself and to find your limits.

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